Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kek BatIK

mmmm, last 2 nights, while i was doing my assignment, arin ask me to go to her room...guess what??? nk bt kek batik, n she didnt know how.....hehehe, i've done it once, but, know what right??? haha....this time, it came out to be the looks like 1st we thought that cake need more chocolate, then we make some more chocolate to make it look nicer, but miza put a lot of cocoa powder, n it taste solve the problem, suezack put sweet milk on top of it......mmm, it really looks like dodol.....definitely mine is better, hihi

mmm, it taste better than it looks actually....n this is our chefs....huhu

p/s:it is illegal to use rice cooker actually...kiki


Ainul Hasnida said...

hakk.. nampak sdap pe.. tapi tak nampak cam kek batik pon.. ukan ke kek batik ada beskut ke?? huu.. suezack kasi kasaw korg nyer kek nye rupe yerk? heheh... =)

nAdiEy said...

haha, xnmpk bskut sbb dh tggelam dgn coklat 2....suezack bnyk tolg ar, aku je yg bnyk tgk....haha, tp tumpg nma 1x ble sedap....huhu

suEzaCk said...

haha..kek batik dodol~kui3..


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