Tuesday, June 30, 2009

0ur FrenDshiPs' TemPTatiOns

this gathering has been planned months ago
n its only happened this evening
since everyone is in holiday rite now

even its in holiday, still only 7 of us can make it
yg lain??? personal problems laaa

one of my member or abe kuwe has requested me to put his pic alone
n there u go
ni pic plg comel ar
couldn't agree more..........haha

we met at pizza hut kubang kerian about 2.30pm
thanks to abe kuwe for the meal
before this he said he's only paying for me and wiwi
but instead he's paying for everyone
thank you for your kindness
mahal tue....kiki

~there goes the pics~

bos pnyer gamba letak bnyk2 sket

paeh n kuwe

drooling again

shury, me, nurin n wiwi

7 wonders

bila dh kenyang mkn
we went to ani's house
since she can't make it today

abe kuwe jakun
tetiba nk ambik gamba dlm kete baru la konon2nya

since dh lewat ptg, we need to call it a day
klau bleh, still nk spend time dgn diorg smua

seriously, they really made my day


Sunday, June 28, 2009


yesterday my parent had to work because schools in kelantan had to replace 2 days on Saturday for incoming Hari Raya holiday
meaning kena skolah ari sabtu 2x.....sbb ada manusia ssh nk phm....hehehe

my dad came home from work with a new lappy
i'm quite in shock seeing the laptop
we just got back from sending my sis to USIM
and the next day, theres a laptop for her

aduih, cepat bangat
dulu masa aku mintak bnda alah 2, berbuih2 mulut aku pujuk....hahaha

never mind la, xkesah pon, since my sis xdpt cos yg die mintak
quite a frustration there, mybe this lappy can bring her back
mana la tau kn

1st thing 1st, hers are cheaper than mine.....hahaha:02:
skrg nie laptop xsmpai 3k pon dh ada mcm2
320HDD, 2Gb Ram, Webcam, finger print reader la.....mcm2

rasa mcm nk jual yg skrg ni n beli yg baru......hahaha

cannot la, parent yg bg
bersyukur dgn ape yg ada
stgh2 student xde pon bnda nie



i went to a clinic yesterday
and i have to do an eye test
my right eye was perfect
but the left one is shocking
it can't even recognize a letter on the board
ooo gosh!!! plus dh jadik sepet sket, mcm hape ntah
even the doc xtau knpa jadik sepet cm 2
last night, after taking the meds, i think its getting better
but still, my mom wont let me drive alone.....
abes 2 mcm mane nk g mkn piza esok, abg kuwe blanja nih.....aihhh

p/s: act doc advice me to rest my eyes from any computers, but how can i resists my lappy??

Friday, June 26, 2009

eagle eye is broken

i'm always proud of my healthy eye before
but since 2 or 3 days ago, my left eye was showing an unhealthy sign
its hard to open it, and its kind of blur, like something transparent is in there
no confidence to drive a car alone
get well soon dear
if not i'll be at HUSM this sunday

On thE RoaD

i just got back from nilai, N9 this evening
my sis got an offer 2 further her studies in financial mathematics at USIM
(University Sains Islam Malaysia)
her quote "xmintak, tapi die bagi"
cos ape ntah, xpenah dgr pon
terima jela


on the way there, my dad saje nk jln2
guna jln pegi cameron highland
since aku nie jenis yg mabuk, xleh nk jln jauh2
jalan plak mcm ular kena palu
ape lg, muntah2 la
kuar segala isi perut

sgt2 xksa muntah
n penyesalan sbb ikut pon terjadi la
tp dh terlambat kn
bila dh cukup 2 plastik, n xde ape nk kuar dh, trus mati
enough la psl munth2 ni

n this morning, we went to Kolej Kediaman Nilam Court for registration

baru pkul 9, tp org dh sgt2 rmai

sesak n panas

berpeluh2, dh la aku dgn baiknye pakai baju kurung ari nie

facts: 70% of their new students are kelantanese
patut ler jln mna2 pon dgr org ckp kelantan

while searching for my sis punyer room
kami dilayan oleh abg2 yg agak comel la...hehehe
abg??? ntah2 sebaya

4th floor, plg ats 1x, semput giler jadik kuli agkt barang
room? macam rumah, n dlm rumah 2 ada 3 bilik, 2 bilik air
n 1 space mcm dapur tp just ada sinki

about 11am n my sis pon dh kemas brg sket2
ktorang nk balik dh

for my sis:

blaja betul2 even cos 2 kite xmintak pon
dh itu rezeki kite, buat yg terbaik aje la
maybe ada hikmah disebaliknya
hope u'll adapt urself n made a lot of friends


before balik my dad ronda2 around nilai
one word from me

we arrived home safely about 7pm just now
after a ride like a rollercoaster
flying like a bird
seb baik xmuntah lagik



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HouSeS wE Go

last weekend, we a.k.a former zs members decided to visits our fren yg sgt ssh nk jmpa

1st house, phana's house
dh puas pujuk sruh die masak, lst2 ktorang dpt air oren n fruits je
hehehe, xpela phana, ktorang bersyukur dh

rightest is the host, phana

from left: farah, syireen, suz, pijah, me n jemah

after that we off to amni's house
dh ckp awal2, ktorang nk spaghetti
tp dpt air oren n kueh je
xpe, ktorng trus redha je

yg pkai glasses n tudung putih 2 amni okeh

since pijah's house is stones throw away from amni's
ktorang bt gedik ckp nk mkn spaghetti kt pijah
then she called her mom to cook for us
dpt mee goreng pon jadik la....huhu
thanks for the foods....keke

side dishes: bubur jagung, pengat pisang n rambutan

disebabkn xpuas lg jln2, n still nk mkn

on the next day, we off to syireen's house plak

with the host

n i found cat cages on her backyard.....

sgt comel okeh

besar sgt, mcm garfield

ini rookie (xtau ejaan btul ke x)

n this is mickey

this is maybe the last time i met them before the semester open
n i really enjoy hanging out with them
may our frendship last forever


Thursday, June 18, 2009

BabySittinG haziQ + QaiRa

haziq n qaira were my cousin's
so jadik anak sepupu la kn????

my cousin n his wife went for umrah last saturday
n they leave haziq n qaira at their parents
but the prob is, qaira asyik buat hal, smpai my aunt xleh bt keje

my aunt mintak tolong my sis babysit
n now, qaira mmg brkepit jela dgn my sis
aku? main dgn haziq la....hehehe
haziq is the first called me kak na
biasanya bdk2 ssh nk sebut kak nadiah, jadik kak diah......xkesah la kn
tp kes haziq nie, trus die ckp kak na
aih, geli geleman

btw ari nie, only my sis yg pegi babysit
xlrt nk pegi, menstrual pain

rndu jgk la, rndu layan haziq tgk upin n ipin...huhu

this sunday maybe the last day, since my mom said their parents will arrive on monday






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