Sunday, June 28, 2009


yesterday my parent had to work because schools in kelantan had to replace 2 days on Saturday for incoming Hari Raya holiday
meaning kena skolah ari sabtu 2x.....sbb ada manusia ssh nk phm....hehehe

my dad came home from work with a new lappy
i'm quite in shock seeing the laptop
we just got back from sending my sis to USIM
and the next day, theres a laptop for her

aduih, cepat bangat
dulu masa aku mintak bnda alah 2, berbuih2 mulut aku pujuk....hahaha

never mind la, xkesah pon, since my sis xdpt cos yg die mintak
quite a frustration there, mybe this lappy can bring her back
mana la tau kn

1st thing 1st, hers are cheaper than mine.....hahaha:02:
skrg nie laptop xsmpai 3k pon dh ada mcm2
320HDD, 2Gb Ram, Webcam, finger print reader la.....mcm2

rasa mcm nk jual yg skrg ni n beli yg baru......hahaha

cannot la, parent yg bg
bersyukur dgn ape yg ada
stgh2 student xde pon bnda nie


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