Tuesday, June 23, 2009

HouSeS wE Go

last weekend, we a.k.a former zs members decided to visits our fren yg sgt ssh nk jmpa

1st house, phana's house
dh puas pujuk sruh die masak, lst2 ktorang dpt air oren n fruits je
hehehe, xpela phana, ktorang bersyukur dh

rightest is the host, phana

from left: farah, syireen, suz, pijah, me n jemah

after that we off to amni's house
dh ckp awal2, ktorang nk spaghetti
tp dpt air oren n kueh je
xpe, ktorng trus redha je

yg pkai glasses n tudung putih 2 amni okeh

since pijah's house is stones throw away from amni's
ktorang bt gedik ckp nk mkn spaghetti kt pijah
then she called her mom to cook for us
dpt mee goreng pon jadik la....huhu
thanks for the foods....keke

side dishes: bubur jagung, pengat pisang n rambutan

disebabkn xpuas lg jln2, n still nk mkn

on the next day, we off to syireen's house plak

with the host

n i found cat cages on her backyard.....

sgt comel okeh

besar sgt, mcm garfield

ini rookie (xtau ejaan btul ke x)

n this is mickey

this is maybe the last time i met them before the semester open
n i really enjoy hanging out with them
may our frendship last forever


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