Tuesday, June 30, 2009

0ur FrenDshiPs' TemPTatiOns

this gathering has been planned months ago
n its only happened this evening
since everyone is in holiday rite now

even its in holiday, still only 7 of us can make it
yg lain??? personal problems laaa

one of my member or abe kuwe has requested me to put his pic alone
n there u go
ni pic plg comel ar
couldn't agree more..........haha

we met at pizza hut kubang kerian about 2.30pm
thanks to abe kuwe for the meal
before this he said he's only paying for me and wiwi
but instead he's paying for everyone
thank you for your kindness
mahal tue....kiki

~there goes the pics~

bos pnyer gamba letak bnyk2 sket

paeh n kuwe

drooling again

shury, me, nurin n wiwi

7 wonders

bila dh kenyang mkn
we went to ani's house
since she can't make it today

abe kuwe jakun
tetiba nk ambik gamba dlm kete baru la konon2nya

since dh lewat ptg, we need to call it a day
klau bleh, still nk spend time dgn diorg smua

seriously, they really made my day



Kuwe said...

KihKihKih...aku nk comment..tp aku dah lwt nk g kijo ni..nanti aku comment kakre..KihKihKih

aku nk drive smbil senyom..bole?

nAdiEy said...

haha, jnge...nati ore oyak, ore gilo mano bawak keto 2....haha

Anonymous said...

waaaa..sooo jeles r nadiah coz xley giii..huhu..tp xpo..sbb korang2 sudii mai umoh..heee..terharuuu sey...xpuah r jupo smua..huuuuuuuuu =(

fAriefArihan said...

alang tak rasmikan lagi piza kat dpn usm nie...hehe~

nAdiEy said...

ani: hehe, jgn jeles, nnti kite kuar lg....

alang: hehe, nnti pegi ar rasmi, xde org sgt pon, nnti buka sem bru rmai ngan student usm kot....hehe

nAdiEy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kuwe said...


nAdiEy said...

no komen la

Anonymous said...

bakpooo kuwe oyak nk drive smbil snyum??hee...ado gapo ehh..heeee

zafa said...

abg bju pink tu kiut lah....

nAdiEy said...

aduh la, kalu mari nyakit prase 2 payoh la....haha

zafa said...

bukea perasan,tp perasaan,,perasaan rasa kiut...hahaa


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