Sunday, June 28, 2009


i went to a clinic yesterday
and i have to do an eye test
my right eye was perfect
but the left one is shocking
it can't even recognize a letter on the board
ooo gosh!!! plus dh jadik sepet sket, mcm hape ntah
even the doc xtau knpa jadik sepet cm 2
last night, after taking the meds, i think its getting better
but still, my mom wont let me drive alone.....
abes 2 mcm mane nk g mkn piza esok, abg kuwe blanja nih.....aihhh

p/s: act doc advice me to rest my eyes from any computers, but how can i resists my lappy??

2 comments: said...

owh lala....aba kuwang nk blnjo

nAdiEy said...

haha, gurau jah 2....


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