Friday, May 1, 2009


this award is from my long lost friend khai, he is my fren when i was in MRSM Qber, then also in the same matriculation, KMPP......we lost contact after matriculation and i found him while blogging.....seb baik jumpa...

1. Put this badge in your awesome blog.

2. Award this badge to 10 bloggers whom you think are inspirational and friendly.
3. Make sure you put the 'recipients' names here, along with their links.
4. Let them know about this

then, this award goes to......


she is my best friend, its been 9 years we've been friend, and u are great dear, never once we've been in fight, i think la, tp rasanyer memang xde pon....hahaha....kite punyer jodoh sgt kuat, we've been parted 4 only 2 years then we are together again until now....kekeke
luv u dear


nie pon my ex-classmate when we are in ZS, but i only notice her when i was in form 3
yelah, budak ojie nie pandai, asyik dok kelas 1st....then we continued to MRSM Qber, and also KMPP....but, not too long after that she went to egypt....
tp kan, teringat lg ape yg saye nampak kt tasik kmpp right before ojie kuar
huhu, biarlah rahsia


kuwe is my childhood fren, kawan kecik2 dulu masa kt skol rendah....he is quite small, skrg pon bleh consider kecik....hehehe....xtau nk describe bdk ni cmne....mmmm, suaranya sgt menyedapkan telinga, masa kt skol dulu, ktorang bdk2 pompuan slalu dk tunggu die azan, sgt best klau bdk nie azan, mendayu pon still lg best suara die....
really2 nice to have u as my fren

p/s:ingat janji kite


nie la my fren yg paling bijok yg saye ade.......
certain people diorang just bijok dalam certain area, tp budak nie multi-intelligent.....
semua die boleh
my ex-classmate kt Qber, n also my tok guru
always helping me with add maths
bg jer la soalan ape pon, kacang jer kn....
now studying in Germany
very proud to have u as my fren



nama die soleha......rasanyer dh btul..........
knal budak nie masa kt KMPP, through my classmate g-ah, merangkap rumate die.....
masa kt KMPP saye slalu pegi melantak makanan yg g-ah bawak dr rumah
so, thats why i knoe her
very cute person.....kekeke
i like the way she laugh....hahaha
terngiang2 skrg nie.....
thanks for being my friend


nie sorang lg my ex-classmate from ZS
dulu budak ni chubby offense ek izzah
now, she had transformed to a really pretty girl
kalau xcaya tgk blog die
xpuas tgk.....huhu
luv u my fren


bdk ni pon same, ex-classmate from ZS
boleh dikatakn gile2 sket bdk ni....haha
lame giler xjumpa
but the friendship is still there


cukup la yer, my fren yg lain jgn terasa lak klau ur name xde
cheer up....huhu


suEzaCk said...

thanx cayam~

amoi chantek said...

hahaha... ado kow ptt oyak aku transformed jd really pretty girl.. haha..


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