Monday, July 13, 2009

Gone FeVeR Gone

i'm having this fever since last friday
seriously a shock sbb tetiba je
xde angin xde ujan
4am terbangun sbb nk g toilet
tup2 demam, smpai pg la xtdo sbb too hot smpai kepala pn sakit
nasib baik dpt MC ari 2, sbb semua kelas ambik attendance
APEX la kn

today pegi kelas cm biasa but i keep falling asleep
seriously i letih, n DK pon sejuk semacam
tp nk bt cmne, MC pon dh xde, i can't help it

but thanks to koolfever yg buat i tido malam comfortably since demam nie
credits to ........, cannot mention the name
and for the first time i manage to finish all my meds with the persons' help
thanks to you
before this, even antibiotik pon i xpenah abiskan

hoping that this fever n cold yg baru dpt ari ni cepat2 sembuh:37:

p/s: seriously broke, n KPM mmberi hrpn since 2 weeks ago, tp debu pon xde
hoping for 2morrow

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