Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm LeaVing

i'm leaving tomorrow morning
i know, this is very sudden
me pn xberape nk caya lg

2 days ago
my sis asked if i want to work part-time at my aunt's workplace
ok, i admit, tergamam disitu
sape yg nk bg me yg xpenah keje ni RM50/day
then i said yes

today my aunt confirmed that i've been accepted
need to start working on 7dec
that is 2 days from now
did i mention that the work is in Bangi???
kelam kabut cari tiket td, tomorrow is the only ticket yg available
terpaksa la jgk

i'm going to miss:

along's birthday party tomorrow
games kt fb sape nk tolong main eh?
lots of korean+japanese dramas to be download
yg ni mmg sdih, cite2 ni smua nk buat bekal balik USM
xpe2, duit punyer pasal

this is my first time working
pray for me okeh
i hope everything is going to be fine

p/s:bye2 dear lappy

1 comment:

suEzaCk said...

jutawan! heheh


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