Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Typical Question

i have been saving myself from the typical question by leaving house right after my studies...it is not that i am never being questioned, but not as much as my sister get it, yes! i am grateful but not for long i guess

i have been working for almost 5 months, even my assistant manager asked "bila nak posting?".....but that is just one time, the second time never came along.......

now that my work contract is going to end this 20th,  and i'll be going home for good (i think so), i need to be mentally ready for this.....

some people do not understand, that is why they keep asking the same question, i don't blame them but still, it is going to be sooooo annoying....kan kan

i wish that i can stay at home doing nothing, but still feeling contented about my life......errrr, boleh ke? masuk akal? berangan jelah...

mode: malas bekerja, hari ni dah ponteng, esok kena pegi jgk....xpe, suzuki ada =P

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