Monday, February 9, 2009


its been a while since the last post yg mengumpat 2.....hehehe
i'm very sorry, actually something happened with our softball club.....
USM's sports unit have requested a few names of our new coach-to-be from Penang Softball Club, n they already got 4 names, 2 is our coach rite now n the other 2 is unknown.....
our decision- if sports unit decided the unknown to be our coach, anip cakap kte mogok, jgn main....hehehe
i dont know why, theres nothing wrong with the coach.......

actually bukan nk cite prob sofbol...hehehe
i've been craving for chocolathe banana cake for almost 2 weeks n it ended last saturday....huhu
kek ni best sgt ler, xtau la knpa, is it because i love bananas or what???
1st time makan kek nie masa buat birthday party untuk junior....
this time lg best bcoz mami yg blanje, dine in kt secret recepie, perangin mall.....huhu
thanks dear, lain kali blanja lg ek....kiki

its good to have someone we love around, sit down and talk about averything
but, sometimes we doesnt always get what we want....
so, i cherish every moment with him
and learn to be grateful for what i have now

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