Monday, February 16, 2009


first of all, today is my big sister's birthday....
happy birthday to her, u are getting old, wake up!!!
get married faster la, i want lots of nieces....hehehe

i only have two classes today
but i am really2 tired n sleepy
actually i did not realize that
since my friend told me that i look very tired in lecture today
then i realize, i need a break, take a nap, but i can't
there is a lot of things to do, tomorrow i have a test, need to go to SMK Bukit Gambir,
i need to make sure players coming from kubang kerian n engineering campus have place to sleep, n i need to construct form 4 mathematics final exam paper.........
i cant really describe my condition these days
its really bad n getting weaker

yesterday, i came back from training late, nearly 7.45pm
really tired coz theres only about 6 or 7 players yesterday
everyone is really good at batting, except me
so, terkejar2 nk catch the ball
then, about 8.15pm abg king called n asks me to accompany him to Sunshine
so, xsempat nk rest pn, lepas semayang trus siap2
this is sort of my weakness, i dont know how to say NO to certain people
even if i'm tired, have lots of assignment
its ok la, dpt pau skit2, hehehe
he is going to Shanghai next week, so he needs to do some shopping before going
shopping maggie...hehe

need to get back to work......i'm tired!!!


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tiey~ said...

aku muda lg la...hahaha...


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