Monday, April 6, 2009

HAppY BiRThDAy mami

its been 2 days this entry were pending....
xleh nk on9 + xleh nk upload pic
never mind, kna publish jgk cmne pon

okeh, on 5th April 2009
there was born a child, eh2, bukan child
budak besar punyer birthday anniversary
his 21st anniversary

i put a lot of effort to surprise him
but nothing works
its like, he was reading my mind
he knows everything
except the cupcakes and the present

tp die still bt muka xde perasaan tuh.....aihh

these cupcakes was made by kak shada....huhu, comel kn
terjumpa blog kak shada, mmg nk cari baker yg bt cupcake kt penang
at last jumpe gk....


happy birthday dear


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