Friday, April 24, 2009

The UniNvitED

this story have been in cinemas yesterday
but since not much of my friends prefer horror movie
so, why bother went to cinema
download sudah

this story is not as cliche as other horror movies
bulih jgk nk ckp ghost story pon, tp bile smpai ending, sure bukan ghost story
nak tau?? tgk sndri.....huhu

here is the synopsis

The Uninvited tells the story of a young girl named Anna, who was admitted into a mental hospital following the death of her biological mother. Returning home some time later, Anna is shocked to discover that her father has recently gotten engaged to Rachel, her mother's former nurse. Anna's suspicions about Rachel are soon confirmed when her mother reaches out from the beyond to deliver a stark warning, prompting the young girl and her sister to try and convince their father that Rachel is not who she appears to be. As the situation in the once-peaceful household rapidly begins to deteriorate, Rachel's true colors finally begin boiling to the surface.



serrashahira said...

best x cite 2 wei??
ak ingt nk tgk..

nAdiEy said...

huhu, best2, tgk la


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