Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ItS aLL bEcaUsE oF.........


anything can happen when i am stress
its been a long time since my last back pain or ''sakit belakang''
its all bcoz of stress, the pain is coming back
its not just that, gastrik, demam n sakit kepala.....:04:
all my work progress is slowing down, even walking....aihh:107:
slalu trbangun lmbt coz its less painfull when i'm asleep, and its comfortable lying on the bed...
dh ler keje banyak.....xper, Dr Akhbar dh bg rest ari nie...:88:
hope tomorrow will be better sbb kelas esok tersgt la penuh, n lab esok akn ambik masa yg lama
mybe kul 5 lebih baru siap.....

ari ahad lepas ada frenly dgn skol Chung Hwa
i think the back pain has nothing to do with this
coz xmain sgt pon

nnti la, i'll update dlm entri yg lain
last, rsa nk toture someone sgt skrg nie
klau bleh nk gigit2....:20:


sbar2, kte tgk jer la nnti



Anonymous said...

ggt la... xtkut...

nAdiEy said...

eleh, ckp jer brani

Anonymous said...

org ckp xtkt, xtkt la

nAdiEy said...

ckp la, xkesah pon

Anonymous said...

do i look i care?

nAdiEy said...

tau, mmg xpenah care pon


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