Saturday, March 14, 2009

MaRi mEmbAcE

:027:mmm, buku nie dh lama beli.....about 2 or 3 weeks
tp baca xsampai half lg:01:
konon2nya nk mmbaca la kn:18:
tp buku nie bagus, amat la mujarab kalau time xleh tido
baca kejap jer terus trlelap
kiki, banyak kejer la, bley baca sebelum tido je buku ni :10:
kalau x mmg xsentuh lgsg

this book is about 4 old frens that will be united in a reunion that they promised when they turns 32 years old, suzi, izzy, amanda n tamsin......suzi was the one who organize the reunion, but she wants all to be perfect, showing that her life is better than her other frens.......lebey kurang cm 2 la, xabis bace lg, so xleh nk cite panjg2...................:14:

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