Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Like A Child

love made people to act like a child
it is true

n i really2 love this song
even xreti nk nyanyi
lirik die best okeh

short version from Alex

sape2 yg tgk TV Show We Got Married tau la sape Alex & Shin Ae

when I say 'I love u'
and you accept me
there's nothing more I wish for
I say that in confidence

but I get ashamed in my growing desire
again, all day I'm nervous thinking of you
I'm so jealous
I'm so scared
I dont trust you smiling by my side like this

I like you so much
it's too much too handle
I'm afraid if I close my eyes
it will all disappear
I cant fall asleep

I want to give
I want to receive
I want to share everything that other couples can share

I'm impatient
I'm closed minded
I'm afraid it will all fall apart for no reason
I'm insecure

for making me smile
for making me cry
for making my heart throb like this once again in my life

for making me believe
for giving me strength
if I close my eyes
the first words that come are
'thank you so much'

for coming to me
for making me dream
having given me the gift that called 'us'
I love U


p/s: versi pnjg??? carik sndri ek....hehehe


Kuwe said...

perempuan itu


sgt blank.

tp aku suka.

aku pun mau mengorat mcm ini lah!

nAdiEy said...

perempuan 2 sgt cantik okeh.....

mahu mengorat mcm ni?

no no, xsesuai.....hahaha

Nadira Azlini Mohammed said...

my next bf shud sing me this song...

nAdiEy said...

nadir: hahaha, bagus2....
bt condition 2 awl2 lagi....

sweet gilo la kalu ado ore nyanyi lagu ni ko aku.......aihhh
alex alex!!!!


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