Saturday, August 29, 2009

ThE TaStE of FrendsHiP

today, 29 August , i'm officially 21st years old
greatest thank you 2 suezack for the surprise
and the cake was scrumptious
the surprise was for ama's belated and for my becoming birthday

thanks for the wishes that i've been receiving
smpai ada yg awal 2 3 ari
xpe, aslkn ada niat nk wish
tq2 very much

but this year
i'm not really into this birthday thing
doesnt mean anything when the loved ones is not here

tambah2 lg, i have problem with my old number
so ptg td dh tuka no baru
since ramai lg yg xtau
terasa sunyi sket dunia nie

thank GOD, i still have frens
thank you for being there for me

p/s: mood=not good


saypOOL rafhtello said...

happy belated birthday..

nAdiEy said...

saiful: aiya, my birthday blum belated lg.........anywy tq2

irfat said...

selamat hari laher,,
muga2 pnjang umo dan dimurahkan rezki yek,,

nAdiEy said...

irfat: tq2, muga2 semuanya termakbul, amin

Nurul Ain said...

hepi birthday nadiah!!

semoga pnjg umur n dimurahkan rezeki..


nAdiEy said...

ain: huhu, tq ain.....

fAriefArihan said...

dear nad.. happy belated besday! sowi lmbt!! and happpy merdeka tooo :)

nAdiEy said...

alang: huhu, tq alang....hepi merdeka jgk....kekeke

chezzem said...

patut lah msg ari2 tak reply. huhuhuhu

happy belated birthday!

ps: sms number baru. got mine?

nAdiEy said...

kak shaleen: hehehe, kak shaleen ada msg ek? tq2

rsanya ada no kak shaleen, nnti nad msg k!


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