Thursday, October 8, 2009

mY HomiE~

bila ek?
semalam kot, my mom called suruh balik rumah minggu ni
aikk??? asal plak???
nk pegi berubat my finger yg xelok2 lg since the accident
ye2, my finger mmg mcm dh nk keras dh, so sebelum xleh guna baik g berubat cepat!!

so, i'm going home!!!!!:17:
tapi bukan weekend nie la
sbb tomorrow night ada test, ps2 ari isnin ada lg test

my plan:
PEN-KBR tuesday night
KBR-PEN monday night

esok nk g cari tiket, harap2 ada la

our final exam schedule has been confirmed today

these are mine:

5/11/2009 Thursday 9-12pm DP C
MAT 222 - Differential Equations II

9/11/2009 Monday 9-12pm DUD RST
KOT 222 - Organic Chemistry II

12/11/2009 Thursday 2.15-5.15pm DP D
MAA 111 - Algebra for Science Students

19/11/2009 Thursday 2.15-5.15pm DP B
KAT 241 - Analytical Chemistry II

i'm very happy with the schedule, xmcm yg sblm2 nie
ada gap yg bleh sy main2, xde la tension sgt kn???

and there's one thing
i think no celebration for this year
its ok


p/s: i think, no more softball......:20:

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