Sunday, October 4, 2009


another freakin'-fantastic day yesterday
we went to see these movies

sorority row

cite ni best, bleh sakit jantung gak la

the perfect gateway

mmm, cite ni mcm kureng sket, tp ok la jgk

while i am with these movies, my buddies were with the bunkface band, they were performing for 'Sparkling Indonesia' programme here at USM
and yeah, they have a great time
ce jenguk FB, dh upload gambar dh

sgt seronok okeh, semalam i manage to find raya cookies kt Giant...:17:
since biskut kt rumah dh licin, carik kt kedai pn xde
almost a week craving for raya cookies

supernatural s05 e03

castiel: where is god?
rafael: dont you heard, he is dead

aihhh, sabor jela

p/s: ari ni bt assignmnt....

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