Thursday, July 15, 2010

the perfect guy

call me korean drama freaks, coz i am....haha

baru jer abis tgk cite CREATING DESTINY nie, act dh lama dh cite nie, since march, tapi sbb ada 31 episod, punyer la lama nk abis....kekeke

31 episodes is very long actually, tapi berbaloi seyh tgk.....and hero mmg perfect, dah jatuh hati dh nie...hahaha

Han Sang Eun emigrated to Australia with her family at a young age. Years later, she has completed her law studies in the United States and plans to marry her American boyfriend. Her dad, however, is strongly opposed to their union and has set his heart on her marrying Kim Yeo Joon, the son of his best friend. Sang Eun finds herself exiled to Korea, where she reluctantly teams up with the equally uninterested Yeo Joon to devise a plan that will allow them to avoid their impending marriage. 

whenever i feel sakit ati sgt2 tgk cite nie, my other half yg kena, sorry dear....hahaha.......but then Kim Yeo Jon is the perfect type of guy in every aspect that every women wants, xcaya tgk la, nnti jeleous xtentu psl sbb xdpt boyfriend yg perfect mcm 2, tapi nama pon cerita kan, mcm ssh nk cari that type of guy in reality.....tapi not impossible....=P

ketawa, sakit ati, sedih, jelous, menangis, jatuh kerusi.......boring???? a big NO
hahaha, tgk sampai jatuh kerusi, ok, ignore2, memalukan.......

may fav quotes from Kim Yeo Joon
all you have to do is trust me and i'll take care of everything

yeah, trust is everything in relationship, you wont go far without, trust me ok!

Gblog85 is the place......its like heaven for korean drama freaks like me.....haha (promote pulak)

tido lah!! esok kelas awal pagi....huh! xsuka!

p/s: jadi stalker lagi malam ni....kau ni les ke hah?? hahaha


Un Phat Lee said...

gua pun ske tengok korean drama.
but x ske episode yang panjang2.
maximum yang gua boleh tengok just 20 episodes. B)

PrincessKawaii said...

mcm best je cite ni . nak tgk la. thz for sharing =)

xazryx said...

hoho .aku layan cite jepon je .huehehuehe .

nAdiEy said...

un phat lee: haha, sama la, ni pon 1st time tgk smpai 31 episod....banyak2

princesskawaii: tgk2, best sgt!

xazryx: haha, minat masing2, cite jepon slow lah =)

Spek PinK said...

aaaaa..nak nengok jugakk..leh download ke tuh? emm.. mcm besh~ hihihi..

nAdiEy said...

spek pink: haha, bulih dwnload lah...tapi banyok episod, keno sabar sket lah....kalu dk dekat sene jah nk wi, aku smpn lg nie....hehehe


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