Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sweet Dreams

I just had about 4 days dreams that filled with sweet moments, bad ones stay away please......treated like a queen, siapa yang tak nak kan.....wake up every morning with hugs, yes, heaven! this is it, but reality keeps coming back to me, I am no longer a student to play around, I am a gov worker, to be exact a teacher....behave like one, but I ended up acted having gastritis which I really did, there goes my RM35 for MC and drugs, still I am feeling restless for the rest of the day sebab teringat kat sekolah. Our team this year is doing incredibly great, and I am proud to have them in my life as sisters. Guys also, always a gentleman. They really made up my weekend. Rasa macam nak jadi student balik, pleaseeeee.....or jadi suri rumah aje =)

Finally, after years of struggling, third is more than enough
congratulation girls

Leaving is one of the hardest to do, not without tears, thanks for the presents, dapat lagi hadiah yang sama from 4 years ago, dari orang yang sama, kelakar least kurang sebatang hari tu kan =)

p/s: motivation needed

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