Thursday, January 7, 2010

things doesn't always go our way


for the interview
since others already got their SMS, then phm2 jela mksdnye kalau xbunyi SMS masuk tue, nk ckp sedih xjgk la, since masa interview 2 jgk dpt tau the truth.....bleh ke aku xbalik rumah cuti sem nnti? mati homesick aku kt cni....then i'm a weekend person, gile2 klau every weekend mcm tue, cian kt my other half, since i cannot give my 110%, lega gila bila xdpt, so i dont have to forfeit myself kn.......


laptop nie start bt hal lagik, aihh
pening2, aku jual betul2 kg baru tau
baru nk masuk 4thn, xkan dh semput kot


aku ada bt salah kah????
kenapa jadi mcm 2???
xphm la
please dear


i forgot to mention here
my dear kak shaleen lost her father recently
sgt suka baca blog die
patut la dh lama xupdate
my deepest condolences to kak shaleen
be strong coz i know you are


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