Sunday, October 17, 2010


Its amazing seeing kids these days were far matured in thinking compared to ours back then

reading a 12 years old girl's blog make me realized that the only thing i do when i was 12 is play around with a bunch of kids that does not even know what a computer is, iPhone does not even exist at that time....and this girl even blogging with her iPad, waked by her iPhone's alarm everyday which make me even more jealous.....

but i would not trade my childhood with anyone, even with this 12 years old may not seems precious to you, but it is mine.......

You amazed me Sarah

p/s: chocolate anyone?


tiey said...

so drama queen..

shazika said...

budak2 skrg dah maju

nAdiEy said...

tiey: aku ko budok sarah 2?

shazika: yelah, tambah lagi family berduit kn....=)

tiey said... bdk tu lg teruk la tambah dgn sindrom aged before time


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